Guest Estimates


Thank you for requesting this estimate and for considering Lee Health for your healthcare needs. Below is some important information regarding your price estimate. Lee Health Financial Assistance Policies, application forms, discount information, and contact information for health care practitioners that may bill separately from the hospital can be found here: *Call 1 (800) 809-9906 with any questions or copy requests for above. Lee Health collection procedures can be found here: Any facility fees are included in the attached price estimate. Facility fees are defined as: Any separate charge or billing by a Hospital/Hospital Out Patient Department intended to cover facility expenses…i.e. operational expenses, building overhead and other administrative expenses. Facility fees are separate from professional fees. You may pay less for the procedure or service at another facility or in another health care setting. Price Estimates do not include any services provided by Lee Health-employed practitioners (unless specifically identified within the Estimate), and any independent contractor who provides services (for example, private practicing physician, and anesthesiology, radiology, pathology or laboratory services). Those providers may bill separately. Actual costs may exceed the estimate. Patients should contact their health plan concerning cost-sharing responsibilities.

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